Tätringen Tekniska AB sees environmental considerations as part of the concept of quality and we are convinced that active environmental work strengthens our reputation among our customers and other stakeholders.

We will develop the business in a cycle-adapted direction and offer our customers products and services with the least possible environmental impact.

In our environmental work, laws, regulations and other requirements constitute the minimum level.

We work continuously to, within technical and economic reasonableness, reduce our environmental impact and prevent environmentally impacting emissions.

This is realized by:

  • We treat environmental issues as a natural part of the company’s operations
  • We see environmental improvement measures as long-term investments
  • We work to raise the environmental awareness of all employees
  • If necessary, we inform the relevant authorities and the interested public about our environmental work
  • In all procurement, prioritize products / services with the least possible environmental impact

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Tätringen’s quality policy is to get to know each individual customer’s needs and requirements and to offer exactly the product and service that is demanded in an efficient and personal way.

We constantly work to develop cooperation with both customers and suppliers and thereby gain knowledge about what needs, requirements and changes we must live up to.

As an aid to continuously improve the quality of our work, we have built a quality system according to EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and set measurable goals to follow up the efficiency of our quality work.

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